$2,836,000 Settlement: Woman paralyzed after fall in moat

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$2,836,000 Settlement: Woman paralyzed after fall in moat

By: Michigan Lawyers Weekly Staff

Issue of activities during work time or not

Plaintiff was an executive assistant and was in Germany assisting with a business conference. The hotel and grounds where employees were staying and having the conference was an old, converted castle.

Plaintiff was walking back after dark to the main hotel where the rooms were located and fell from a bridge into what use to be an old castle moat. The fall resulted in a T-9 spinal fracture with paralysis.

Plaintiff argued that she was still within the course of her employment when the injury happened; that she was on the premises where work was being performed; and that she was covered while making her way back to the hotel room.

Defendant’s insurer argued that the injury occurred after all work activities had ceased for the day, and that plaintiff was engaged in an activity for which the major purpose was social and recreational when the injury occurred; therefore, plaintiff should be excluded from workers’ compensation coverage.

The matter settled for $2,836,000.

Type of action: Workers’ compensation
Type of injuries: Paraplegia
Settlement amount: $2,836,000

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